Top Brewery map voted on by women who love craft beer.

What is Beer&Body Craft Beer Girls?  A nationwide organization of 24k+ women who love craft beer. Connecting women online and in real life to build friendships through the common interest of craft beer. We provide a safe, positive and welcoming community for all levels of craft beer drinkers to share what they are drinking and what breweries they are visiting.  

Our goal: More beer-friendships and to help grow consumers to sustain the craft beer industry.

Our Community: In addition to the main group and all our state groups, we have built a whole online community to help women who love craft beer connect in all parts of life.  Everything from a Homebrew group, Beer&Bites (foodie group), Books&Beer Book Club, Travel, our Health &Wellness group and many more. 

How were the top breweries chosen for the 2019 map? Ladies added their favorite breweries to the poll that was posted on all our State Facebook pages.  All members of the state groups were able to vote for their top three favorite independent breweries.  Voting took place in December 2019.

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