how our shops work

In order to support small businesses owned by women in our CBG community we have our branded logo items spread out across several small specialty shops.

We typically open a pre-order a few times a year with each shop. What this means is the below shops carry some Craft Beer Girls logo items year around but will only be fully stocked with new items during their pre-order time.

We will have a red “OPEN” sign on the shops title below when a pre-order is open.

Babe and The Beard have a current open pre-order.

Amazon is always open. Free Shipping with Prime.




BrewerShirts  OPEN


Babe and The Beard OPEN

Socks, Water bottles, Earrings, Decals, Openers and more

Craft Beer Girls AMAZON ShopAlways OPEN

New Designs on Tanks, Tees, V-necks, Long-Sleeves, Sweatshirts and Hoodies.

More Beer Related Small Businesses

Shops are open.

Not Craft Beer Girls affliated.
These shops are owned by women in our Craft Beer Girls community. Please help support their businesses.

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for the continued love and support and making all of this possible. Each and every member makes us who we are and plays a big role. THANK YOU!
Kate Christensen