Voted by women who love craft beer.

What is Craft Beer Girls?  We have created a safe and welcoming space for female consumers, both new and experienced, to help grow consumers, keep consumers and show consumers all the great craft beer available.  We are doing all this while we are building beer-friendships and offering a supportive space for women to come together and share their love of craft beer.  We are here to continuously help sustain the craft beer industry by providing a space for consumers to share, learn and grow. 

How were the top breweries chosen?  Each state has their own Craft Beer Girls Chapter.   We create Facebook polls in each state group where ladies are then able to add their favorite breweries to the poll.  Once we have a list compiled, all members in the state group are able to vote for their top three favorite independent breweries.  The brewery with the most votes at the end of the voting period will become that years Craft Beer Girls Top Brewery for their state!

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