Kate Christensen started Beer&Body in the spring of 2017.  She had two goals.  She wanted a safe space for women to ask questions about craft beer, grow their knowledge and learn from other women.  She also wanted to help women who love craft beer live a healthy balanced life.

Two Facebook groups were created.  The main beer group and one for fitness health and wellness.  Quickly the groups took off as being some of the top Facebook groups for FUN, positivity and women supporting women.  And it’s all about CRAFT BEER! 

Friendships grew quickly in the groups and ladies wanted to meet in person.  One member described her experience, “When I found this group I felt like I finally found my people.  These are the people I want to spend my time with.  I final feel like I fit somewhere.” So we made a state chapter for every single state so our ladies can visit breweries together.

From there a whole online community of CRAFT BEER GIRLS was born! Check out all our pages and clubs we have as a community. 

“The groups have changed my life.
I have found my tribe and people who understand me.”  
- Beer&Body Member